Sedona — Day Three Impressions

Sedona, Arizona

January 9, 2021

Not the most beautiful photo of Sedona. I was driving into the main drag where all the touristy businesses seem to be. It reminded me a bit of a similar area in La Jolla — for those of you who know both places, you probably think I have lost my mind. Compare Sedona to La Jolla? Hey, it’s my blog.

Lots of tourists in town today. Lots of California plates. I assume it’s folks escaping the lockdown.

Im inclined to quote Buffett but the weather really is beautiful. It is 54 degrees with a bright blue sky. The sun makes it feel warmer.

The architecture here is Southwestern as you would expect.

Seems to be a foodie town. I’ve got my eye on a place for tomorrow for a Southwestern salmon salad. I think I ate salmon 16 times while I was in Boulder. Omega-3’s, right? Small town to have a Whole Foods but they do. Also a Chipotle so I’m pretty much set for food.

Repacked the back of the truck this morning as well as vacuumed. I’m doing pretty well with not accumulating stuff. Tomorrow I tackle the contents on the roof. 🤔

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