Sedona In The Snow

Sedona, Arizona

January 28, 2021

Monday and Tuesday here in Sedona were for the most part stay-inside days as it was cold with off-and-on snow. The forecast was for 12-18 inches of snow but the reality was more like 5-7 inches. As I had experienced in Boulder, the snow out here is a fine powdery snow as opposed to the icy snow we get back east.

The sun came out Wednesday morning, and I headed out to document the event. The combination of the fluffy snow, the sun and the natural beauty of Sedona made for some good photo opportunities. Photography in the snow is a bit of a challenge -- the snow introduces a high degree of contrast. I went with the experts' advice of cranking up the ev to +1.0 to +2.0. I found that gave me decent color of the snow but tended to whitewash the sky. So I took a lot of photos with a lot of different settings. I picked out the best for this slideshow which again is a longer one. Sorry! All tunes are from the Spinners. I'll be around.

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