Senor, Donde Deurmes?

Marfa, Texas

January 1, 2020

I have had great luck finding campgrounds on my walkabout. Sometimes they have restrooms, less frequently showers and less frequently WiFi. Tonight I hit the jackpot - restroom, shower, WiFi and an interior common area. All for $15. Who says I am cheap? (I know who does. ☹️)

I may be in the southernmost part of Texas but the low tonight will be in the low 30s. So instead of freezing my keister off outside, I am sleeping in the back of the Sequoia. It will still be cold, just not as cold. I am able to do this thanks to massage therapist extraordinaire and resident “I have a lot of woodworking tools” Tim Pleasants. He built me an 18-inch wide platform that has worked wonderfully. Throw a camping pad and a sleeping bag on top, use a towel for a pillow and I’m ready to settle down with a book or a podcast.

Recently I’ve been alternating between Chernow’s books on Grant and Hamilton. I labored through “The Path Between The Seas.” I learned a lot, but I think Mister McCullough was showing off how much information he could cram into a terribly long book. Synapsis - the French suck, and the USA is awesome.

Did you know he has always typed his manuscripts on an Underwood typewriter?

Off to sleep. I keep having these nightmares that Trump was elected president. Imagine that! Dreams are crazy. 🤪

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