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Shakedown Cruise


March 21, 2023

As an aside, Jay Ferguson was in the band Spirit with my friend Janet's brother Randy California. His real name was Randy Wolf but there were two Randy's in Jimi Hendrix band; he differentiated them by changing their last name to the state they lived in.

He am not sure of my plans for the next couple of months so I have reorganized Hi Ho Silver and cut back further on my supplies. My rooftop carrier is my clothes closet with duffle bags of bottoms, tops, camping supplies, hats and shoes. Each duffle bag has a luggage tag that identifies the contents (even though the bags are different colors, that has not helped me remember their contents.) Inside the truck I have Container Store boxes labeled:

  • "Office"

  • Electronics

  • Camera lenses and gadgets (2)

  • Auto & bike

  • Puffer jacket and barn coat

  • Laundry supplies & water

  • Stickers

  • Wristbands

  • Microfiber towels

  • Sunglasses (too many pairs)

  • Drone

  • Medical supplies

I also have a "weekend bag" with some clothes and my two Dopp kits (etymology - from the name of Charles Doppelt, a leatherworker).

I also have sn empty Yeti cooler -- one never knows when a party might break out! 🤪

Under my rack, I have my golf clubs, a box of golf balls, a Jackery battery, a one iron, a baseball bat, a stretching poll, a foam roller and a bag of bands for exercising.

For sleeping, I have my camping pad, a sleeping bag (more recently a not-sleeping-well bag) and two cotton blankets that serve as both blankets and pillows. I figured out that a cotton blanket is much easier than a pillow to form into a comfortable shape for my head. (I'm by know means trying to put Mr. Pillow out of business -- he appears not to need my help doing that.). I also have my mini fan which provides a nice breeze and even better white noise.

After 3.5 years, I think I might be getting the contents down to a reasonable level. I still have too many clothes; I've had no need to dress to impress but just in case I could go from the golf course to the clubhouse and to a campground.

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