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Some Random Thoughts About Ohio And Indiana (May 22, 2022)

  • Ohio has a lot of state parks.

  • Ohio has a lot of golf courses

  • The grass in Ohio is lush and very green.

  • Western Ohio is flat and farming country

  • I saw men and women cutting grass in Ohio on their riding lawnmowers. These weren't your John Deere riding mowers -- these were the big boys that go fast and spin on a dime.

  • Not a diverse color scheme in the population in either state

  • Indiana is farming country in the south; more industrial and manufacturing in the north.

  • The roads in Indiana appear to laid out in a grid -- the roads intersect at 90 degree angles.

  • I started to see more RVs on the road; huge 5th wheels that dwarf the truck pulling them. I suspect these are hard to pull in the strong winds of the Mideast.

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May 22, 2022

Some of the most beautiful State Parks I've ever seen are in Indiana: Brown County SP (where Berni & I honeymooned), Clifty Falls in Southern Indiana on the Ohio River), wonderful hiking in McCormack's Creek, and Indiana Dunes on Lake Michigan......

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