Sunday Hike

Sedona, Arizona

January 24, 2021

I couldn't go far today as this morning's yoga class was legcentric. At least that is my excuse. Got 5,000 steps in -- half of those on a steep incline -- so I'm not going to beat myself up although I am disappointed. Coach Harris walks 15,000 steps (at least) almost every day, and Tom Italy is walking all over the place!

I was motivated to get out there because there were breaks in the clouds ahead of the snow storm, and I thought the light might be kind of fun. I was right.

Four-minute slideshow. Boz Scaggs from one the best albums ever - Silk Degrees. I got a bit carried away with some adjustments of the last few photos. I proved to myself that the photos for sale here in Sedona of Sedona are most likely highly Photoshopped.

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