Surprising Number of Bridges in Texas

Monahans, Texas

December 24, 2019

I have seen this sign all over the state of Texas. Each time, it has begged the question, "What happens in colder weather."

You know the answer.

Each time I hear this song, I think of seeing ZBB at Coors Field this past summer. The stadium erupted and everyone sang every word at full volume while swaying with their phone lights held high. It was a spiritual experience. Only topped by ZBB at Fenway a month later when the same thing happened.

Zac, please stick to the old stuff that we love.


Welcome to my webpage.  I'm on a journey across the USA to visit all 22 Paris' - and points in between.  I'll be sharing thoughts, photos and videos along the way - as I search for answers to questions that bother me so.


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