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“Take Me Home Country Road”

I have dubbed this week “the shakedown cruise” (not for the great Jay Ferguson tune from 1979, but that’s worth a listen). A bit (understatement) of rain, cold (low 50s feel cold to me), no cell phone service in most of West Virginia which means no GPS, figuring out my diet (doing ok), stretching (C+). I’ve eliminated 20 pounds of stuff from the back of my truck. (Leslie, you were right)

I am grateful for my dear friend who introduced me to the book Mindset by Carol Dwreck. If I still languished in my old fixed mindset, I couldn’t make this trip. Instead, with my new friend the growth mindset, I can laugh at the heavy dew dripping on me in my sleep, getting lost on the backroads of West Virginia (is that dueling banjos I hear?) and wondering why the heck I thought a meal consisting of Costco canned chicken would be tasty.

I am so grateful for each of you who encouraged me to take my walkabout. Anchors up and jump right in!

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