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Ten Longest Rivers In United States

Moorhead, Minnesota

August 12, 2021

One question I have pondered is what don't I know that I should know. My walkabout has given me an appreciation for how important rivers and railroads were to the development of our country. The distances to cover out west are longer than I had appreciated and the use of water and rail to cover them was critical. The role of the MIssouri, the Snake, the Columbia and the other western rivers wa not something I understood. I am glad I do now.

In that vein, here are the ten longest rivers in the US.

1. Missouri River

The longest river in North America and fourth longest in the world, the Missouri River starts in Montana’s Rocky Mountains, and travels for 2,341 miles before joining the Mississippi River near St. Louis. Have you been? Memorialize the trip with a Missouri vintage molded magnet, made right here in Missouri!

Length – 2,341 miles

2. Mississippi River

The Great Muddy originates from Lake Itasca in Northern Minnesota and drains into the Gulf of Mexico. The Mississippi/Missouri river system is considered the fourth longest in the entire world. Check out our Mississippi Collection of magnets, made 100% in the U.S.A!

Length – 2,202 miles

3. Yukon River

The source of the Yukon River lies in British Columbia, Canada, then it weaves through the Yukon territory and through Alaska, emptying into the Bering Sea. Interested in an Alaskan magnet? Check out our sister-site here!

Length – 1,979 miles

4. Rio Grande River

The Rio Grande serves as a natural border between Texas and Mexico. It begins in Colorado and ends in the Gulf of Mexico. Check out our Texas magnets from our sister site, Classic Magnets, or, shop our Mexico or New Mexico magnet, and check out our Colorado collection!

Length – 1,759 miles

5. Colorado River

Starting in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains, the Colorado River flows southwest through the Grand Canyon before ending in the Gulf of California. California and Colorado magnets here for all you travelers! While you’re here, display all of your U.S. state travels on a magnetic map board!

Length – 1,450 miles

6. Arkansas River

The Arkansas River is a tributary of the Mississippi, flowing from Colorado through Kansas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas. Have you ever been to Arkansas before? Memorialize your trip, or your home state, with an Arkansas vintage magnet made here in the United States! Length – 1,443 miles

7. Columbia River

The Pacific Northwest’s largest river, the Columbia goes from British Columbia, Canada, down through Washington, passing along the border with Oregon, and dumping out into the Pacific Ocean. While we are heavily focused on the United States, we do offer magnets for Canada!

Length – 1,243 miles

8. Red River (of the South)

This river starts in Texas’ top hat, rides along the state’s border with Oklahoma and Arkansas, and then travels through Louisiana before joining the Athcafalaya River. Are you interested in a vintage magnet to show off where you’ve been? Shop all 50 states and more! Length – 1,125 miles

9. Snake River

Starting in western Wyoming, this river snakes its way through the Snake River Plain in Idaho, through Hells Canyon and then empties into the Columbia River in Washington. Have you ever made this trek? Let your friends know with our unique, vintage molded magnets!

Length – 1,040 miles

10. Ohio River

The easternmost river on this list, the Ohio River goes from Pennsylvania all the way to the Mississippi River in southern Illinois. The river serves as the borders of Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois.

Length – 979 miles

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