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Thanks, Brian!

Poca, West Virginia

October 8, 2022

Before I left DOE and friend of mine there named Brian gave me the book "Blue Highways." He explained it was written by a man who had gone on a wanderabout (my word) and drove backroads (or "blue highways" as secondary roads are soon on old paper maps). That brief conversation with Brian completely changed how I have approached my wanderabout -- and changed how I approach life. This trip has truly been about the journey and not the destination. I have seen SO MUCH that I would have never seen if I had taken interstates to get to where I was going. Last night I passed through a number of unincorporated communities on US60 in West Virginia -- Victor (the Lone Ranger's nephew's horse's name), Lookout, Chimney Corner, Sam Black Church (more on that later), Rupert. It was Friday night and I saw busy Mexican restaurants and pizzerias with families hurrying inside out of the cool evening. I was surprised not to see any "Friday night lights" but that probably reflects how small these communities are.

And then there was Boomer. "Where are you from? "Boomer, West Virginia." Can't make up stuff like that!

Thanks, Brian. Your gift has had a profound impact on how I see the world and how I approach each day.

PS. I forgot to say I also drove through Smithers, West Virginia. That was good for laugh!

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