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“That’s So Cool!”

Central City, Iowa

August 18, 2021

When I was in Jackson, Wyoming I visited a rafting store. As I approached the counter to pay, I noticed the young cashier looked bored out of her mind. I asked her if Jackson was always so busy. She in a monotone said she didn’t know she was just here for the summer to make some money. I asked where she was from - “Idaho” she deadpanned.

”That’s a beautiful state,“ I said. ” was just in Paris.”

“By Bear Lake? I love Bear Lake.“. Her voice and face began to display some life bordering on excitement.

“Why were you in Paris?” she asked.

I asked if she knew who Jimmy Buffett is. No.

”I’m going to all the Paris’ in the United States looking for some answers. There’s about 40 of them. Then I’ll go to the Paris in France.”

”That’s so cool!” she exclaimed with a smile.

I left happy that I had cheered her up and maybe planted a seed that there’s more to life than working in a rafting store in Jackson, Wyoming.

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