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The Bird Flying South And Sheltering In Place


May 3, 2020

Google amazes me - is there anything you can't find on the Internet? I searched on "bird in cow pie" and boom - found this photo.

This post is about Covid-19 (I love how Kellyanne Conway ASSUMED the 19 was for the year 2019 - don't assume is the answer), sheltering in place and Hell Week.

I'm very lucky that I had a place to go when I decided it was no longer safe to be on the road. Like all of us (I assume!), I'm getting a little bored. I can only read, write, walk and exercise only so much in each day. (I have watched a few movies - Harry Potter (up through the third one, John Wick (all three) and The Matrix (the first two). Thanks to Coach Harris, I can also recommend the movies Seven Days in May and 36 Hours - black and white thrillers from the mid 60s.

And while I understand the economic hardships that are caused by sheltering in place, if there was ever a time to be a bit conservative, isn't it now. Ha! Ironic how it is the "conservative" states that are being the most liberal in lifting the shelter rules.

Reminds me of Hell Week and a story the older and wiser (and more rested) brothers told us lowly pledges....

There was a bird flying south for the winter. It got caught in an ice storm and fell out of the sky. It presumed in its bird brain that it was going to die. But it landed in cow pie in the middle of the field. Wow - how lucky am I thought the bird. This cow pie is soft and warm. It fell asleep. When it woke up, it couldn't believe how good it felt. So the bird stepped out of the cow pie, shook off the "pie" and began to sing its happy song. Along came a wolf and ate the bird.

You can guess the moral of the story is - "if you are warm and happy, even if you are in a pile of %$#*, keep your mouth shut."

Enjoy your sheltering in place.

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