The Great Thing About A Cardiac Arrest

Mount Graham, Arizona

February 29, 2020

Well, step one is surviving it. I’ve probably said this before in this blog, but 90 percent of folks who have a cardiac arrest die from it because their heart isn’t restarted soon enough - in other words, they were in the wrong place.

I certainly had not done anything in my first 57 years to get on the survive list. But I’m glad I got lucky because I had a lot to live for.

Eventually the surviving changed my perspective. on living. Before,I was too selfish, too often I wanted things my way, wasn’t a good listener and didn’t emote my enthusiasm. I cringe now as my mind easily comes up with hundreds of examples of the old me.

Now, I have a mantra I repeat throughout each day - “It’s not about me.” I don’t do that mantra justice every day but hopefully most days. You, and so many, others have been so generous to me - I try each day to repay that generosity by how I treat others.

But today I will be selfish and hope UVa beats Duke!!

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