The Hardest Easiest Workout Or The Easiest Hardest Workout?


April 30, 2021

I was able to get in eight Pilates classes while I was here. LeeAnn, my instructor, is perhaps the best Pilates instructor in the world. It’s a full hour of nonstop exercising — the hour feels like 15 minutes. I am amazed by the variety of exercises she has in her head. At the end, I always feel stronger, leaner and more flexible. And when I dare to look in a mirror, I see the results. My only wish is that I had started Pilates earlier.

Thanks, LeeAnn!

Open book to loosen the thoracic spine.

Pull and twist Great for arms and core.

Gotta do both sides!

Mobile plank Terrific for my abs.

Engage the abs!

Loosen those hips!

Such an awesome stretch of hamstrings and lower back. My range on this drill has improved dramatically.

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