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The Perfect Song?

Somewhere east of Bismarck, North Dakota

August 10, 2021

This song is one of my all-time favorites. Released in 1977, it’s got great lyrics, great vocals, horns and such a great “beat.” It is astonishing (more than amazing) the band didn’t go on to have a ton more hits.

Alas as I found from a Google search:

This American band, led by Ed Sanford & Johnny Townsend, went on to release two more studio albums but weren’t able to match the success of this debut, and they disbanded by 1980. Both returned to careers as session musicians and songwriters. Sanford went on to co-write Michael McDonald’s solo debut hit in 1982, while Townsend also worked with Michael McDonald, Jackson Browne, and Gregg Allman (among others). Townsend finally released his solo debut in 2003 and then teamed up with Dan Toler (formerly with the Allman Brothers Band) to form the Toler/Townsend Band in 2008. They released their debut in 2009.

Watch how this guy moves his head. I can’t do it — which makes the move all that much cooler. 🤪

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