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The Road to El Derado

Magnolia, Arkansas

December 6, 2019

Today presented me with the opportunity to cross Arkansas again. I took a different route (US 82) and almost made it. I pulled over 70 miles from Texarkana and 138 miles from my next Paris - Paris, Texas.

Here are some photos from my past two days:

Lots of places want to claim a piece of B.B. King.

These photos are from Greenwood, Mississippi. Clearly it was a prosperous town at some point decades ago. Greenwood is in Leflore County. There were more lynchings in that county than in any other county in Mississippi. The last one in 1950. So the statue to the fallen Confederate soldiers erected in 1919 on the grounds of the county courthouse was ... perhaps in your face?

Sunset outside on Indianola. Yes, I spelled that correctly. The big employer in town is a huge Dollar General distribution center. The town is located in the Delta.

Stormy morning today.

The Delta.

Damnedest thing. Cyprus trees growing in the wetland of Arkansas. Strange sight.

Better than Weak.

Yes, a town name in Arkansas.

I guess all the other names were taken?? Village, Arkansas.

And you thought I was kidding.

My home for tonight.

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