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The Stories My Thoughts Could Tell

Monterey Airport Comfort Inn

March 19, 2021

This post may fall in the category of “you had to be there,” but let’s try.

I emailed two friends of mine, Coach Nicole and Coach Bruce about “In & Of Itself” and “Nomadland” suggesting they might enjoy watching them.

Coach Nicole responded with (in part):

A walkabout documentary sounds like a good next step for your blog .... You should start dreaming about what your walkabout movie would include ;)

My response was:

I’m afraid my walkabout movie might be rather boring. 🙁

Coach Nicole got me with her counter:

It wouldn't be boring if it included everything going on in your head! :D

A zinger, a direct hit. There’s usually an awful lot going on upstairs. Plans, responses, plots, wishes, regrets, kids, family, comeback lines, wonders, friends, acquaintances, strangers, places, photos I missed, dogs, some more regrets, disappointments, judgements, compassion, gratitude, hopes and dreams, where will I sleep tonight, occasional moments of contentment, optimism beating up pessimism, photos I took.

Although sometimes all that’s upstairs is....


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1 Comment

Mar 20, 2021

Who would play you in the movie adaptation? Robert Redford? Can't think of any other look-a-likes.....

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