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The Vehicles!

Lone Pine, California

Christmas Eve 2022

California is known for cars and I have seen a parade of very nice ones on US 395 during my stay in Lone Pine (this is night #3).

I have seen:

Vehicles prepared to go off grid boondocking -- everything mounted on the roof, that orange contraption for getting out of sand. See Jeep above.

Many fancy SUVs with skis on top heading for I assume Mammoth or Lake Tahoe. See Suburban above.

More Mercedes and BMWs than I have seen in three months.

Five percent (my guess) of the vehicles are Teslas

White is definitively the in color. Black rims on SUVs.

There are two highway patrol cars in Lone Pine today. In the past 30 minutes, they have pulled over six cars. I guess you could call Lone Pine a speed trap as the speed through town is 25 mph on US 395. There are plenty of sings to slow you down to 55 tgen 45 then 35 and then 25. But it's Christmas Eve and folks are likely distracted. Which is not good since the three or four block downtown is a pedestrian area.

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