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There Is Hope!

Ashdown, Arkansas

December 7, 2019

Over the past few days, I developed a bad case of buttosis so today I limited my driving to 80 miles. It’s nice to setup camp at 2 in the afternoon and have a chance to stretch out before the sun sets - and the temperature drops.

I was in Lewisville earlier today and found this wY to Hope. My mind raced with great ideas to write about Hope - then I discovered that Hope is well known. Not only is it the birthplace of Bill Clinton, it is the birthplace of the Hucksbees. Town must be so proud. But wait - there’s more. Hope is also where they grow huge watermelons - the kind that weigh so much you can’t lift them (with your arms). Like 200+ pounds.

Lewisville, a town of less than 2000 people, had an amazing drive in.

I went with the sliced pork sandwich. I assume they don’t mince pork out here. It was awesome.

Afterward, I had a cherry limeade (5 stars) and got a chocolate fried pie. I’m saving that for later to help myself feel better when the Wahoos play the Tigers.

Go Wahoos! Beat the 29-point spread!! 🤪

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