There's A New Kid In Town

Fort Worth, Texas

December 20, 2019

Which state has the most installed wind turbine capacity in the United States? Not a trick question - it is Texas with 27,000 MW which in terms of capacity is equivalent to about 25 nuclear power plants. It is also installing more wind turbine capacity than any other state.

I had expected to see a lot of wind turbines in West Texas. But in turns out there are quite a few wind farms in Southeast Texas, in the area from Corpus Christi down to Brownsville. I'll admit I was like a kid in a candy store seeing if I could identify the manufacturer, etc.

This photo is one of my favorites as it shows what we all have always associated with Texas (oil) with what it is now also known for (wind power). And think of how awesome this arrangement is for the farmer who owns this land. He is making money for what's below the ground, what's on the ground, and what is above the ground. A trifecta!

Yes, oil, there is a new kid in town. And you might think I'm going to insert the Eagles' song here. Nope, I don't care for that tune.

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