Tillamook, Oregon To Manzanita, Oregon -- Part I

Outside Manzanita Library

Manzanita, Oregon

July 17, 2021

Another quantum leap of progress yesterday on my journey to Seattle before turning toward the East. Almost 30 miles, which took me about five hours to complete. There is just so much to see and photograph!

My first stop was Garibaldi to take photos of the old Coast Guard boathouse. I am posting more of them than usual because I worked so darn hard to get a good one -- and I can't decide which one I like the best:

Next stop, Rockaway Beach while listening to this unlikely duo of General Johnson and Joey Ramone.

I arrived in Rockaway Beach at 9 am; the Pronto Pup did not open until 11 am so I went for a walk on the beach. The following photos are a bit of a jumble of my time from 9 am to 1130 am.

What's a Pronto Pup? Thanks to my favorite online reference site:

The Pronto Pup Company is a company based in Portland, Oregon that manufactures the Pronto Pup mix for hot dogs. The Pronto Pup's flour mix is used for a batter to dip and then fry hot dogs.

The Pronto Pup was invented by the husband and wife team of George and Versa Boyington in the late 1930s in Rockaway Beach, Oregon. The Boyingtons ran a small hot dog stand on the beach, selling the dogs to tourists and locals. When rain came and ruined the buns, making them soggy and inedible, George Boyington came up with the idea of cooking a "bun" as needed. He created a pancake batter based mix and the duo came up with the formula used today. Pronto Pups are also a common food found in county fairs throughout Minnesota, Nebraska, Iowa, and North and South Dakota. Some differ from the original by using a bratwurst instead of a hot dog as the sausage. The largest Pronto Pup seller is the booth at the annual Minnesota State Fair owned by the Karnis family. "Pronto Pups make up roughly 55% of hot dogs sold each year at the fair."

I got to wondering how far away I am from The Hook.

Was the Pronto Pup worth the wait? The Pronto Pup was goo; the tots were tasty -- I got a food coma about 30 minutes afterward. I guess I have trained my body to appreciate healthy choices. But all that a t shirt for $21? Priceless.

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