Timber, Oregon

TA Truck Stop

South Of Portland

July 11, 2021

I was driving on State Route 6 today when a road sign indicated Timber was the next left-hand turn. Well, turn plus 10 miles.

Yes, there is a place named Timber, Oregon. And there are a lot of trees there.

Four bays. Pretty good size fire department for a place as small as Timber.

According to Wikipedia:

Timber is an unincorporated community in Washington County, Oregon, United States. Timber's population is 131 and it has 59 housing units. Its land area is 17.45 sq mi, with a population density of 7.51/sq mi.

From another source:

A post office was established at this location on March 11, 1901 along the Pacific Railway and Navigations Companies Railroad. It was six miles north of Glenwood, and like the name suggests, was likely a location for trains to load up logs cut in the nearby hills. Joseph Burgholzer was the first post master.

The town was a busy depot, serving at least one log train a day and possibly more. There were an estimated 400 to 500 citizens, including those who worked the lumber camps up on the hills.

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