“... Touch of country in the city....”

Do you recognize the lyric? From the year 1974? The band: the Atlanta Rhythm Section? Doraville.

Yesterday (Friday, November 8th) I drove from Greenville, SC to the big city of Atlanta. Since I am not using interstates, the drive took about five hours. Saw a lot of small towns and big churches along the way. Lots of lakes - beautiful lakes including Lake Keowee near Clemson. I learned that the Gainesville, GA High mascot is the Red Elephant - not a name you see everyday. Gainesville High is known for DeShawn Watson, by the way.

i also learned that the outskirts of Atlanta extend far from Buckhead. Doraville might have been in the country in 1974, but it definitely is no longer. The suburbs of Atlanta are the first place I have visited in my five weeks on the road that I would say look like they are booming. For the most part, things look new and modern, as opposed to a number of towns I have seen that look old and as though the best of times were years ago. And Buckhead. It’s Buckhead. More Mercedes and Bummers than I have seen in total In five weeks. By a multiple of 10. A Bentley SUV; who knew Bentley made an SUV (and why would anyone need one?).


Although i was raised in the south, the name of this road in the intersection in the photo above took me aback. “Com’on man” was all I could think of.

Great to see Clucian and meet his girlfriend Alissa. They took me out to a wonderful dinner of butternut squash soup and salmon at True Food. Best meal of the trip.

It is cold here this weekend; glad I get to stay in a hotel. Leslie Harris was sooo very right that I packed too much stuff. Lucian has volunteered to help me repack the Sequoia and cull out the extras I don’t need.


I am very lucky. I have too often not been appreciative of the bounty I have in terms of love, family, friendship. Those are all I have ever needed. (Ok, the Wahoos’ national championship in basketball was pretty great, too.). I got distracted, caught up in my own head. I have hurt too many, not loved and liked deep enough and hard enough. I’ll do better - hopefully much better. Hmmm , maybe that’s an answer to a question that has bothered me so?

Thank you for your friendship. 🧡🤙. Wahoowah.

Anchors up and jump right in.

(From now on, I will be posting my “map” under the tab “Where’s Waldo.”)

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