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Town FKA Paris, SD ✔️ Jefferson, SD ✔️ Wahoo, NE ✔️

Wahoo, Nebraska

Sanders County Fairgrounds Campground ($20/night)

August 14, 2021

Started out in the tent last night. Woke up at 3 am, wide awake and cold. Threw my mattress and bedding into the truck and dozed off listening to a documentary about the Oregon Trail. It still blows my mind why people would give up a good life to risk death and traverse the country for six months. i also can’t get my head around walking 15 miles everyday, much of it during summer.

Another interesting day.

Drove south in Minnesota with South Dakota to my right. I figured Google Maps would have me cut over into South Dakota at some point as my destination was Beresford, SD. However, when I left Minnesota I entered Iowa. I realized then that I must be close to where all three states touch and indeed, I was two miles from that point.

Photos of Madison, Minnesota:

The drive from Madison to Beresford was through more corn and soybean fields. At least South Dakota’s topography included some rolling hills.

Canby, Minnesota:

After Canby:

The “tri-point” marker:

First time ever in Iowa.

Below: Corn growing in a soybean field. This can happen when the field is rotated - corn was grown in this field last season and this season the field is used for soybeans.

Upon arrival in Beresford, I went to the public library (glad it was open on Saturday). The librarian helped me find information about when the town was named Paris. It was named such by Frenchmen who settled in the area. Several years later the rail line was laid through town. As the story goes, the rail line was financed by Englishmen and they chose to change the name to something that sounded British.

I was finished in Beresford by 1 pm and I got a wild hair to head to Nebraska - Wahoo, Nebraska. Google Maps indicated I was 2 hours and 45 minutes away. I decided to break my guideline of 200 miles/4 hours of driving and headed further south.

More cornfields and soybeans. I drove over the Platt River which I had heard about in reading about the Oregon Trail, so that was fun. Came across Winslow, Nebraska which will never be mistaken for the one in Arizona.

Nora — I think I was in South Dakota.

Jefferson, South Dakota:

Into Nebraska! First time ever.

Another example of the Scandinavian influence in this part of the country.

Winslow, Nebraska:

Notice the photo showing the #1 bar in Winslow. That must be a joke as it is the only bar in Winslow.

Wahoo embraces its name with a number of stores using Wahoo in their name. It’s a town of less than 5,000 people. I assume agriculture is the main employer. Nice old buildings in downtown; like the Other towns today, the town appears to be struggling.

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