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Truth or Consequences, New Mexico to Safford, Arizona

Safford, Arizona

January 14, 2020

You know they didn't mean to but I laughed when I saw you could get to Truth or Consequences by going right or left.

A day of too much driving yesterday, but boy was the scenery spectacular. I’m not sure I will ever drive an interstate again.

It was Day 100, and I started it off in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. Yes, a town, formerly known as Hot Springs, named after a game show in 1950. As you will see from the slideshow, the town is a bit stuck in the 1950s. Lots of bath houses which I am glad to say I didn’t try out. The area around the town is full of RV sites with what appear to be seasonal visitors as opposed to transient visitors.

I think the slideshow documents yesterday's trip pretty well. There were long stretches when I did not see another car and while my photo on top of the mountain says the wind was blowing at 3 mph, it was blowing hard enough to almost blow me over.

Kenny Chesney provides the soundtrack for the slideshow because I listened to his channel on SiriusXM during the drive yesterday.

I am looking forward to going back to Charlottesville later this week for a month to see my friends and my kids. My walkabout has been much more than I anticipated in a most positive way. It will be good to regroup, get in some gym time and plot my course for when I hit the road again in mid February. White Sands, Grand Canyon, Tucson, spring training, green sauce (thatt stuff does a number in my inards) and hopefully more answers to questions that are still bothering me.

I hope your week is full of joy, laughs and happiness.

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