Waymo What?

Chandler, Arizona

February 20, 2020

On my way to the Chandler Public Library this morning I saw at least six of these tricked out vans. My first thought was that they are part of Google Maps and are driving around Chandler taking videos of the streets. I was wrong, although I was right that Google is involved. These vans are part of Google's autonomous vehicle program known as Waymo One. They are driverless taxis that are being tested by Google in Chandler (best I can tell this is the only test location). Yikes! I did not notice that there was not a driver!

Not sure how I feel about driverless cars or the preferred name, autonomous vehicles. What does the software decide when there are only two options - hitting a pedestrian or hitting a cyclist? Probably will be awhile before I ride in one.

Speaking of it being awhile before I ride in one, I also saw this tricked out Mercedes Sprinter van. Yeah, I could be comfortable camping in one of these.



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