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Well Done, Arkansas

Arkansas does a heck of job with road signs for even the smallest of communities. It sure makes it fun to see signs for Success and Victor and Fox and Ben Hur -- communities so small that in many states there are no road signs signaling that you are there.

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Arkansas also has wonderful state parks. In the late 1990's forward thinking politicians and government employees observed the infrastructure in the state parks system, dating back to the CCC projects of the 1930's, was deteriorating and the parks were rapidly losing their appeal and benefit to the citizens of the state. In 1996 the people of the state voted an increase in the sales tax rate, the proceeds of which were dedicated specially for conservation and the state park system. Since that time the revenue generated from this portion of the sales tax, as well as some other taxes since enacted and dedicated to conservation, have been used to dramatically improve the infrastructure of the state park system.

In our…

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