What Did I Do Today?


July 12, 2020

I get so busy working off the items on my to do list that I often forget to prioritize those things that are most important to be.

I’ve had some challenging conversations on global warming recently. I don’t know the subject as well as I should. So I’ve worked on that today - and rode my bike instead of hoping in my car to drive eight miles. Saved money, good workout and I didn’t pollute. Not sure I’ll change anyone’s mind yet that we need to take reasonable steps to mitigate our impact on the climate but hopefully I’ll get there!

I also had conversations about the conservative versus liberal mindset that left me frustrated. So I went back and listened to a podcast with Yuval Levin in which he discusses the conservative temperament. I appreciated his keen observation that both parties act as if giving an inch is a catastrophic loss.

And I signed up to help with voter registration. That one probably means the most to me. I am frustrated by how so many of us don‘t vote. I figure if I can get a handful (or more) people to vote in November then I will have helped us have a more representative republic, no matter who is elected president.

Now I can go back to doing open books and planks and digitizing records. 🤙🤪😎😁

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