Who Knew?

Clemson, South Carolina

September 21, 2022

M.H. Frank is the Eljo's of Clemson. Back when Eljo's was on the Corner and we all shopped there. It is sad that every college town does not have a M.H. -- the guys would learn how to dress appropriately.

When I dropped Lucian off for his first year at Clemson, I found M.H. on College Avenue. If I recall correctly I bought Lucian a Clemson bowtie. Based on that one experience, the owner of the store, Steve Poteet, and his lieutenant Jay, have always remembered me -- and I have not been a big spender there. One time Steve took me the basement of the store -- it was a pristine garage with walls of tools and beautiful MGs. Turns out he collects them (the cars). Another time I learned that he collects Pappy Van Winkle -- and other bourbons -- and has hundreds of bottles.

Tonight I started reading the Beach Music Encyclopedia and came across this page (bottom left).

Looks like I might need to stop into M.H. tomorrow and talk beach music with Steve!

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