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Whoa Nellie Deli

Happy Camp, California

June 10, 2021

My destination today — at least an intermediate stop — is Redwood National Park. Looking up how to get there, I decided to find out where Sequoia National Park is located. As the above map shows, it is located in what I consider eastern California south of Mammoth. I’ve driven US 395 multiple times (not on this walkabout) and did not realize I was in a target-rich National park area - Sequoia, Death Valley, Kings Canyon and Yosemite.

I made a conscious decision ( as opposed to the unconscious ones I tend to make) to make this leg of my walkabout be about driving up the left coast — and by tgst I mean by the ocean. I detoured to Happy Camp because … well, it’s Happy Camp. I realized I was going to miss some places by going ip the coast. My plan is to return in 2022 or 2023 and do the eastern half of Washington, Oregon and California. One of my favorite places in the United States is Mammoth, and I’ll spend a few weeks there. After and before the snow!

My reference to the Whoa Nellie Deli is to a restaurant north of Mammoth at the turn for Yosemite. It is located in a Mobil station and serves fish tacos with mango salsa. My taste buds just fired up!

The red dot on the map below is Mammoth.

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