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ZBB Concert Snippets

Hilton Head Island

April 25, 2022

I took some videos at the Zac Brown Band concert and pull them together in an iMovie. I'm not proficient with that app so the transitions between the videos might sound a bit abrupt. However, I was surprised by the quality of the sound -- at least it is not muffled!

I am still buzzing from the show. ZBB puts the best show I have ever seen. Hopefully they got their "other music" out of the way with their previous album -- the new album sounds as good as the old music. The show was a barrage of amazing music -- especially the way they work "Into the Mystic" in with "Free" and "Lyin' Eyes" with "Colder Weather." And to mix in a set of each member covering a dance tune -- how many headline acts would take that chance?

I am sitting in front of the Whole Foods on HHI at 7 am using their WIFI -- it is fast. I really don't recognize this part of HHI -- down by the heel. I remember when the only grocery store on the island was a Piggly Wiggly at Coligny Plaza.

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