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I hope you enjoy these videos from (or related to) my walkabout.

PARIS, TEXAS – Official Trailer

PARIS, TEXAS – Official Trailer

Coming to the Nightlight Cinema on 10/21! Tickets and showtimes: A place for dreams, a place for heartbreak, a place to pick up the pieces. The man comes walking out of the desert like a Biblical figure, a penitent who has renounced the world. He wears jeans and a baseball cap, the universal costume of America, but the scraggly beard, the deep eye sockets and the tireless lope of his walk tell a story of wandering in the wilderness. What is he looking for? Does he remember? Wim Wenders' PARIS, TEXAS (1984) is the story of loss upon loss. This man, whose name is Travis, was once married and had a little boy. Then that all went wrong, and he lost his wife and child, and for years he wandered. Now he will find his family and lose it again, this time not through madness but through sacrifice. He will give them up out of his love for them. Harry Dean Stanton has long inhabited the darker corners of American noir, with his lean face and hungry eyes, and here he creates a sad poetry. Wenders uses the materials of realism but this is a fable, as much as his great WINGS OF DESIRE. It's about archetypal longings, set in American myth. The name Travis reminds us of Travis McGee, the private investigator who rescued lost souls and sometimes fell in love with them but always ended up alone on his boat. The Texas setting evokes thoughts of the Western, but this movie is not for the desert and against the city; it is about a journey which leads from one to the other and ends in a form of happiness. ~~ Roger Ebert
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