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10 Skills That Payoff Forever

Hidden Hills

Twelfth Day of Christmas 2023

Not a bad start. Here are a few more skills that I would include, not necessarily in rank order:

  1. Time management

  2. The ability to say no and not feel bad about it

  3. The skill of knowing your values and using them as a guide to your decision making

Note: those three skills are inextrinkably linked.

4. Golf and racket sports

5. Writing thank you notes

6. Eating healthy

7. Optimism -- it's a skill you can learn and is the basis of positive psychology

8. Humility -- some would call it a character trait -- I believe it can also be an acquired skill.

9. Curiousity -- again, it's a skill in my mind

10. Love -- the verb, not the noun.

11. Playing an instrument

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