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Point Mugu State Park Beach

February 23, 2021

52 BPM.

Not really. My resting pulse is in the 60s.

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Feb 25, 2021

When I went to get a Covid test, Annie & I were sitting in the car for over an hour. When they came to get our vitals before the test, my pulse was 40. The doctor came out, thinking I might be in distress, but he was calmed a bit when he took and got a 48....

I swim fairly non-stop for just over an hour Tuesdays through Fridays, sometimes Saturdays. Was gonna join a pool in C'ville for the weekends, but kinda like the rest.....

I know you can't swim on the road, but you do much more hiking!!! I wudda thought you'd have a RHR in the 50s given your hiking at high altitudes.....


Feb 24, 2021

You should be a swimmer . . . mine is in the upper 40s....

Feb 24, 2021
Replying to

What is your pulse when you don’t swim? Kinda hard for me to swim on my walkabout. I keep weight off by hiking and doing yoga.

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