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Monterey, California

March 24, 2021

Had a couple of enjoyable conversations today with a fellow camper. Tom grew up in the Bay Area and lived for 40 years in Pacific Grove. He is now a full-time RVer. He had a lot of great stories about the PCH when you could camp on the side of the road (stopped due to a guy named Dog Man who parked his school bus outside of Carmel for eight months).

We also talked about our parents and what different times they experienced in their lives. And how that impacted their attitudes. Our parents were born before the Depression and part of their childhood would have been affected. They participated In WWII. And they experienced the economic boom during the post war. They were “company people,” who had more “stuff” than they dreamed of as kids. And they raised us as they had been raised — hard work, don’t show your emotions, life isn’t supposed to be enjoyable except every now and then “when you’ve earned it.” My parents would not have accepted that I have dealt with depression. I’m afraid they would have thought me weak. (Actually, I’m not “afraid,” but I know they wouldn’t understand me now.)

It was enjoyable just to have a conversation with someone! He gave me pointers for my trip going north from here.

A good man.

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