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Comfort Suites

Marysville, Ohio

May 19, 2022

I thought this event deserved a separate post.

I arrived in Marysville a couple of hours ago. Or should I say Paris Township in Union County, Ohio. Marysville occupies most of the township which translated means there are few (if only one) sign indicating I am in Paris Township.

Having done my thing in Paris Township/Marysville, I pulled up Google Maps to plot my course to New Paris, Ohio. As I debated the path and studied the map, my eyes fell on a BIG SURPRISE -- St. Paris, Ohio. Someone is playing a trick on me -- I was sure by this point in my wanderabout that I have identified every Paris in the United States. Apparently not.

Once I recovered from the shock of finding St. Paris, my mind turned to what other places with Paris in their names have I missed? And how lucky was I to spot St. Paris before I got too far away?

Having been thrown for a loop, I decided to check into a hotel before wandering toward St. Paris and then onto New Paris. Energy level is a bit down -- is it too much traveling over the past month? Is it my mind being sympathetic to those brothers suffering with Covid post reunion? Is it that my diet has sucked the past two weeks? Whatever. Tonight will allow me to catch up on my posts and hopefully get a good night's sleep, do some laundry and shower. And stretch.

Stay tuned.

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