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Custer, South Dakota

November 23, 2022

The NYT recently ran an article about transgender youth. They got a lot wrong. How do I know? Courtney works with transgender youth, and she told me so.

Over my career, many articles than ran in the media about issues I knew in-depth got fundamental things wrong and/or did not give all sides to the story.

So why do I think the press gets stories right on topics I don't know as much about? The answer -- I shouldn't. And I'll try not to anymore!!

Read multiple sources. Weed out opinion and bias. Know the background of the author. If the article cites experts, research them for expertise and bias. Read any source materials cited in the article. If article gets something wrong, question the whole article. If I agree with everything in the article, it's not worth reading -- echo chamber.

Then watch The Daily Show!!! 🤪

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Nov 28, 2022

Excellent advice!!!!!

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