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A Buddy The Elf Quiz

The courthouse in Paris, Arkansas

Paris, Texas

December 10, 2019

Take this quiz while watching “Elf."

1. What is the name of the girl that Buddy has a crush on?

A. Judy

B. Jovie

C. Jolie

D. None of the above

2. What is the name on the name tag of the manager of the North Pole at Gimbel’s?

A. Buddy

B. Joe

C. Santa

D. Wanda

3. What other movies or shows are referenced directly or indirectly in Elf?

A. Rudolph the Red-Nose Reindeer

B. Charlie Brown’s Christmas

C. How The Grinch Stole Christmas

D. A Christmas Story

4. Where is the original Ray’s Pizza located?

A. Hollywood and Vine

B. 1060 W. Addison

C. 4 Jersey Street

D. Park Avenue

E. Seventh Avenue

5. What are the first names of everyone in Buddy’s NYC family?

A. Ward, June, Wally and Theordore

B. Walter, Emily and Michael

C. Mo, Larry and Curly

D. Zuzu, Mary and George

6. What goes out when Pappa Elf shows Buddy Santa’s sleigh?

A. A thermocouple

B. A thermometer

C. A thermocoupler

D. A thermostat

7. What is Buddy’s favorite thing to do?

A. Smiling

B. Singing

C. Drinking Coke

D. Making Etch-A-Sketchs

8. According to Buddy, what’s the best way to spread Christmas cheer?

A. Giving presents

B. Building LEGO cities

C. Singing

D. Walking through New York

E. None of the above

9. What does Buddy give his dad for Christmas?

A. A rocking horse

B. Lingerie

C. A snow globe

D. Pop Tarts

E. None of the above

10. Where does Buddy work with Jovie?

A. Gimbell’s

B. Macy’s

C. Bloomingdale’s

D. None of the above

11. Which artists sing during the movie?

A. Stevie Wonder

B. Aretha Franklin

C. Ella Fitzgerald

D. Dean Martin

E. The Jackson 5

12. How did Buddy ruin the VCR (item and quantity)?


13. What does the on-the-scene reporter for Channel 1 want for Christmas?


14. What is Jovie doing when she sees a video of Buddy walking in Central Park?


15. What is Mr. Narwhal?


16. The elves' major food groups are candy, candy apples, candy canes, candy corn and syrup. True or false?


17. How does Buddy answer the phone?


18. According to Buddy, what is Miles Finch?


19. What song does Buddy dance to in the mailroom?


20. Who sings what song during the closing credits?

Who? __________________

Song? __________________

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