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A Conversation

Ocean Cove Campground

May 29, 2021

Yesterday morning when I drove into Jenner I stopped at the sole gas station and filled up Hi Ho Silver. Across the street was the Jenner Tourist Center and I crossed over to take a look. (As an aside, I much prefer the term “visitor center” or better yet, “guest center.” Tourist, at least for me, has taken on a pejorative connotation.)

After taking photos of the kayaks I posted earlier, I returned to my truck. A gentleman approached and asked if I had already been to Paris. Without much thinking, I decided to play this one straight and replied “Only to the airport on my way to Jordan.” He commented on my stickers (“you’ve gotten around”) and asked where I was going next. “North on the PCH to Seattle.” His eyes lit up and he removed his mask. He had the kindly face of a New Englander - a weathered but soft complexion with welcoming eyes. “That’s my country” he informed me “I used to tent camp all along that drive.”

He rattled off the names of campgrounds and towns I needed to visit — so many that I had no hope of retaining them. He said it would be rather sparse to the Oregon border but that Oregon had a number of neat small towns along the coast. Washington would be like Northern California except for Puget Sound — with enthusiasm in his voice when he said “Puget Sound.” Apparently I am in for a treat when I get there.

As we said our goodbyes, we introduced ourselves. His name was John. I offered to give him my blog’s website address - he said he didn’t have any electronics.

Our ten-minute conversation made my day. It was nothing special, but then it was very special. There was no discussion of “what do you do?” or “where are you from?” Just a simple conversation with no pretense. I’ve got a feeling that most people that talk with John walk away with the same feeling I did.

Some photos from yesterday:

Surprising to see this is a rural area.

Duncan's Mills

The PCH from Jenner to Ocean Cove.

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