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A Day At The North Rim Of The Grand Canyon

Kanab, Utah

November 22, 2020

Yesterday I trekked from Kanab to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. The road into the park (Arizona 67) was closed last week due to snow but opened again through November 30th when it will close again for the winter. If I remember correctly it closes until May 1st - the average snowfall on the North Rim is 12 feet. The visitor center was closed for the season. But there were a few of us there. I'd say maybe 200 people. It was nice to be there when it wasn't crowded

It was my first time to the North Rim, having been to the South Rim probably 30 years ago. I had forgotten just how massive the Grand Canyon is. Incredible.

I met a couple from Annandale who had flown west to hi Vegas, Zion and the Grand Canyon. And a 20 something from Georgia who once his work shifted to be from his home decided to drive around the country. In 42 days he has covered a lot - from Glacier to the grand Canyon, Yellowstone to Great Smokey. Hearing him describe his trip made me tired. Also met a couple from Denver who were returning home after visiting San Diego. I think I convinced them that swing by Bryce on the way to Denver made sense.

While at Cape Royal waiting for sunset, I met a couple from Page, Arizona who had come to the North Rim for a day trip. She was full of ideas for places I should go (e.g., Sedona, Red Rock Highway). He is a policeman in the Navajo Nation. He said the Navajos are being decimated by Covid. He pointed out that to our east was the Navajo Nation. Sad to reflect on how we treated them. Their land is sacred to them, but it is desert.

I intended to only be at the park until midday but by that time there were some wispy clouds moving in. I took a gamble that there might be a good sunset and boy, am I glad I made that call.

I took a ton of photos and broke them into three slideshows. I promise I edited out a couple of hundred other photos. 🤪

Funny how Sunday mornings feel the same on the road as the do when I am "home." Having trouble deciding on a game plan for today. Maybe Hurricane, Utah? Have to go through Arizona to get there. 🤪

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2 comentarios
23 nov 2020

Nez, only took me 40+ years to have one up on you. 🤪

Me gusta

23 nov 2020

You have one up on me, Lucian. I lived in Vegas for three years but I never made it to the North Rim. I have heard it is the best place from which to see the Canyon.

Me gusta
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