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A Diet For Our Minds


Craig, Colorado

December 5, 2022

From Korn Ferry:

Neuroscience tells us that what we feed our minds can be just as important as the diet for our bodies. It’s all about what we choose—positive or negative, consciously or unconsciously. It contributes to our own health and influences how we nurture and feed our colleagues, teams, and organizations.

While we can’t always change our circumstances, we can absolutely change our thoughts—sometimes in the most profound ways.

It was nearly two years ago when a friend shared a story that, from the first words, chilled me. “My father died in a car accident when I was 19. I was driving.”

She told of being a young driver, swerving and losing control, and the vehicle overturning. “It was so hard not to own culpability … Forgiving myself and learning to trust myself and the world around me, while learning to live without my father, have been the greatest challenges of my life.” Eventually, she found a way to not succumb to the cruelty of the experience, but instead “to live the life I think my father would have been proud of.”

Turning darkness into light—it’s a choice. Indeed, that’s the news worth spreading.

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