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A Drive, A Rivah, A Dam and A What The Heck Is That

My home for tonight

Russelllville, AR

November 30, 2019

Sorry for the barrage of posts - seems as though I have a lot to say. I hope you find my posts at least interesting if not mildly humorous?

Yesterday’s drive was from West Memphis, Arkansas to Russellville, Arkansas. Roughly 170 miles. Google Maps is awesome as it allows me to avoid interstates and finds a lot of county roads for me to use. I’d say half the trip was in the Delta; then I got into what might be called mountains? A still more towns that time has passed by. But I’ve noticed than in spite of how recasted a town looks, God bless ‘em, they have their Christmas decorations up, hanging from the light poles. I love that actually.

Today continued my geography education. Did you know there is an Arkansas River, that it is almost 1,500 miles long, that it starts in Colorado and is the second largest feeder to the Mississippi River? It is navigable thanks to a series of lock and dams like the one I am staying by tonight outside of Russellville. This dam also supports a 160 MW run of river hydroelectric facility.

i took a walk along the river bank today and saw something I’ve never seen - white pelicans. Beautiful birds.

Here are some photos from the past two days:

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