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A First

French Prairie Baldock Rest Area

South Of Portland

July 11, 2021

The two truck stops I tried have “NO OVERNIGHT PARKING” signs. How inconvenient.

Campendium tells me I can stay here for 12 hours. This is a ginormous rest area; I am not the only one staying here tonight. A wide spectrum of vehicles here; semis of course, some newish looking motor homes and some vintage outfits of questionable condition. I feel safe but I do wonder if I am pushing this “on the road” thing a bit too hard. Granted it is nice to save $150 by not getting a hotel room. It is all part of the journey.

Looking forward to posting my photos from the past two days - lighthouses and clamming are featured. And I went to another Happy Camp. 🤪

When I left the coast this afternoon it was 60 degrees with a cold wind. At 930 pm, it’s 80 degrees here.

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