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A Fun Way To Get In 11,000 Steps

Coos Bay, Oregon

June 24, 2021

Yesterday as I drove from Bandon toward Charleston I detoured to Cape Agago. That had three benefits - I saw the cape, I saw the Cape Arago lighthouse and I found the Sunset Bay golf course.

The course was a wonderful nine-hole course (they actually now have 12 holes) that cost $22. (My souvenirs cost me $36.). I had a blast walking the course and shot a three over par. The green sleeper had his little boy and dogs on the course; the dogs were having blast running around, jumping into ponds. The weather changed from overcast to misting to clearing to sunny back to overcast.

Practice green in case of a backup I guess.

I chipped on and two putted for par.

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Reminds me of some of the courses I played around Charlotte on weekday nights after work. Maybe not topnotch condition, but unique and fun. One of them, Sunset Hills, would sell you a six pack for $5 and pack it in a cooler full of ice for you. We called it happy hour golf.

Jun 24, 2021
Replying to

Tom would call that “drink and drive.” 🤪 The course wasn’t Augusta National, but I’m no Dustin Johnson.

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