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A Sunny Zenday

Camelback Ranch Stadium

Glendale. Arizona

February 23, 2020

There is something special about a professional baseball game. Maybe it’s just me but it starts with the stretching - hey, they are doing the same stretches I do! I just can twist that far. 🤪 Then there is long toss - something so graceful and fluid in the players’ motions. Boy, does that ball explode out of their hands. And BP. - it is like watch Rory and Tiger rip their drivers. Where does all that power come from? Even the game itself is Zen (as well as being a bit slow). During each pitch when there is runner on base there is a ballet by the players on the field.

Today it’s the Cubs at the Dodgers. Lots of Dodger Blue in the stands. Families, groups of guys - a whole range of ages and ethnicities. The game is a sellout - even in the lawn seats even though the Cubs only brought their second team. Mookie will lead off for the Dodgers - how did they did him and Price? Price I understand. The Boston faithful never warmed to him.

The White Sox and Dodgers share this facility which explains the statue of the Big Hurt.

Not another hat?

I saw Clayton Keyshawn pitching on a practice field. He seemed a bit frustrated with his lack of control.

Look at that stride - it’s huge! And the torque he is generating; that is years of flexibility training. Look how big is trunk is - Exhibit A of how you generate speed from your feet up.

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