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Afternoon In Crescent City Then Today Drive To Bandon, Oregon

Bandon, Oregon

June 17, 2021

I made the five-hour drive from Crescent City to Bandon today. Google says it "should" take two hours -- Google does not know how many awesome photo opportunities there are along the way!

Two maps today -- the top one shows a more macro view of where I am; the next one shows the detail of my drive today. All of it was on US 101. There was no drop off in dramatic scenery once I got into Oregon. If anything, I thought the ocean views were as spectacular as along the PCH.

But before I describe my drive today, a few more photos from yesterday afternoon in Crescent City. I drove along "Pebble Beach Drive" and got these photos -- in between lounging.

Fog at 3 pm!

Another bench photo. 🤪

I like this lighthouse.

And now for today (June 17, 2021). I was on the road by 830 am.

In this case, Oregon is the state, not a town.

Who knew?

The most straight forward sign I have seen.

After 4.5 months, I leave California. I will return and do the eastern part of the state.

A couple of videos of US 101 in Oregon.

Somewhat out of order. ☹️ Quite a dramatic coastline.

Not sure why it is called Kissing Rock.

Cheaper gas!!

Hallmark cards and booze in one stop!

I thought this was a nest photo.

I saw a lot of RVs today. Summer is here. In the past few days I have seen more cars from different states — Washington, Montana, Idaho, Colorado, Utah, South Carolina, North Carolina, Delaware, DC and Florida. And Georgia.

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