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Aiken Golf Club (FKA, Highland Park)


May 6, 2022

I got onto the course today around 230 pm as a single. Storms were predicted to start at 4 pm but held off until 5 pm. I got in eight holes — I was three over including a double on the first hole. Nerves.

I think the last time I played the course was in the mid 70s. I had forgotten the first four holes but then I began to remember the layout. It’s a short course (6,000 yards, par 70). A I pretty layout among the pine trees with a good deal of Sandy areas like Pinehurst #2 (kind of). Best part of the course are the greens — in great shape. Several have false fronts which makes playing them a challenge the first time out. Actually the best part was the green fee - $25 to walk. Ridiculous.

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