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Ain’t That A Groove

"Ain't That a Groove" is a song written by James Brown and Nat Jones. Brown recorded it in 1965 with the female vocal group The Jewels and a studio band arranged and conducted by Sammy Lowe. Released in edited form as a two-part single in 1966, it charted #6 R&B and #42 Pop. The unedited studio recording of the song was included in the 1991 box set Star Time.

Cash Box described the single as a "rhythmic, throbbing chorus-backed romancer about a lucky twosome who seem aptly suited to each other."

Brown performs a live version of "Ain't That a Groove" on his 1967 album Live at the Garden He also performed the song live with his vocal group The Famous Flames on a 1966 telecast of the Ed Sullivan Show with The Jewels singing background offstage.

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