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And Now You Know The Rest Of The Story

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July 17, 2024 There is a Caroline Street in Orange, Virginia. But pretty sure Jimmy Buffett was singing about Caroline Street in Key West. 🤪

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Some hate this song; I like it. Might be that I used to go to a bar named O’Mallay’s in The Mecca.

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Charles Hollis “Chuck” Taylor was born in Brown County, Indiana in 1901 and went on to become a professional basketball player (never full-time, just a few semi-pro gigs) long before the NBA was forme

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14. 12. 2022

Thank you, Lucian -- I knew most of that, but it was wonderful hearing Paul Harvey tell it. His radio show -- at noon every day and lasting only 15 minutes, was must-listen radio for years. Rush Limbaugh had to work out with Paul Harvey and ABC that Harvey would just do the Rest of the Story segment on ABC stations rather than the initial format, which was ten minutes of news, two minutes of commercials, then three minutes of TRotS....

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