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April 12

Had my first Uber trip in a Tesla model Y this morning. Actually, the same car but two different drivers (roommates) going and coming. Smooth ride, great pick up, but for $50,000 I thought the interior was rather utilitarian.

My second driver I believe was the owner of the car. A young man who is quite driven (pun). During the 15 minute drive, I learned the benefits of incredibly intense cardio workouts both at ACAC and using P90X, how we as a society are poisoning ourselves with the addictive foods we eat that all contain salt, sugar and fat for flavor, the benefits of Kampuchea, and the joy of intermittent fasting. Not your typical Uber driver.

I went to Rev Soup afterward and had a grilled cheese and Coke for lunch. I felt rather guilty, but they sure tasted good. 😁

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